Qualifying for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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There are specific eligibility requirements for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will need to demonstrate you have the ability to pay the repayment plan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If your income is too low, you may be eligible for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It is also possible that your income may be too high to be eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Chapter 13 Means Test will determine your eligibility for this type of bankruptcy.

Beyond the Means Test, to be eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debt must not exceed:

  • $1,000,000 in secured debt
  • $380,000 in unsecured debt

These limits are in place to prevent bankruptcy fraud as well as economic disaster for creditors. Filing for the wrong type of bankruptcy can have a dramatic affect on your life. Contact The Bankruptcy Company to speak personally with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to learn about the options available to you and which type of bankruptcy best suits your specific circumstances. Use the form below or call our office directly at 314-961-9822 to schedule your FREE Consultation without any obligation.


The Bankruptcy Company is a debt relief agency helping people file bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be solely based on advertisements.